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Style and Versatility - Albany Video Production

Versatility and Style | The Big Picture: Part 3

One of the best qualities a lens can bring to a filmmaking arsenal is versatility.…

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USM II - albany video production

Video in Ultra wide! | The Big Picture: Part 2

In this iteration of the big picture series, we take a brief closer look at…

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Canon Picture - Albany Video Production

The Big Picture: Part 1

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a wide angle…

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Lights for days - Boston Video production

Light it Up! – The Power of KinoFlo: Part 3

So now that our Lights are up, lets turn them on and see them in…

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KinoFlo power - Coprporate Branding Videos Boston

The Power of KinoFlo: Part 2

In this part of the KinoFlo spotlight, we take a look at the power that…

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Springtime - Video Production Boston

Springtime for Galileo

Galileo Media Arts is pumped for springtime and we aren't the only ones. We can't…

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Winter returns - post production video editing boston

Winter Returns…

So it looks like winter decided to stick around a bit longer. But Galileo is…

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Post Production boston organization

Making the Cut: Radio Edits

In our last Making the Cut post, we talked about logging and preparing our media…

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KinoFlo - boston production

The Power of KinoFlo: Part 1

Understanding the art of lighting is one of the most important skills a filmmaker can…

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