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unique outdoors - post production video editing boston

Unique Motion Graphics

There are plenty of stock animations easily accessible on the internet nowadays and while these…

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The Importance of Direction

Directing in a video production is such a crucial role that often goes unforgotten by…

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keyboard - saratoga springs video production

Getting Just the Right Music

Many people don't realize it but in video production, sound is just as important as visuals. When…

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console - technical video production albany

Balancing Technology with a Human Touch

When the Peconic Bay Medical Center asked us to shoot a promotional video depicting the…

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GM photo - boston video production

la Dolce Maserati

Part of being a good video production company is learning how to adapt to unexpected…

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Holy - post production video editing albany

Galileo Tech Talk: Time-lapse with a Twist

It's not often for a shoot at Galileo that we get to work with time-lapse…

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Saratoga Springs, NY



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Boston, MA


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