Our Docu-Series Mount Kilimanjaro– the topic of our latest passion project.

In another interview by our Boston video production crew, we learned about the tremendous impact Kilimanjaro has upon the Tanzanian locals. Tanzanian-born Protus Mayunga now lives in the Catskills of NY. He runs the successful guide company, The Roof of Africa (https://troaa.com/). But Protus’s life growing up in Tanzania was very different to his life now. He reflects on how working as a porter, and then as a guide on the mountain transformed his life in so many ways.

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Our Albany video production team also recently interviewed a few individuals who have climbed the mountain as tourists. We investigated what motivated them to embark on this expedition, and how they experienced the beautiful, and at-times difficult journey.

We’re having a lot of fun putting together this docu-series about Kilimanjaro. Stay tuned for more on the project!