As part of our pre-production preparations for the Amazon Web Services shoots, the Galileo Albany video production crew took on some intricate set designing. To give the AWS team just the look they were going for, this included building a 4×8 magnetic dry erase board for the various guests to interact with and display their web architecture on. So we got to work!

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The board needed to fit within certain dimensions and needed to be camera friendly (look good!) so time and care was necessary to get a good finished product.

Construction of the frame was a matter of measuring, cutting and drilling the 2x4s together in order to support and fit the ply wood panel exactly (any ends poking out means we will see it on camera!).

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Once the frame is assembled, we screwed the frame to the ply wood to get our structure.

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Then came the task of adhering the steel sheet to the ply wood. This is so the board can be magnetic.

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The last, but most challenging, part was laying on the dry erase vinyl to the steel. The vinyl works like a sticker where you peel the back off and stick it on your desired surface but you only get one try (the glue is really sticky).

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All in all the board came out great! It came out so great, that we were able to ship it from our Saratoga Springs location to our Boston office for a shoot with AWS and then ship it across the country to Portland for another one a few weeks later. And it’s journey isn’t over as it will be used for as many more shoots as possible in the coming months!

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Stay tuned  to see what other upcoming projects we have planned. Want to see the latest in Galileo video production? Check out our Boston and Albany Instagram