This week we’re going behind the scenes of the Deathwish Coffee Company commercial produced by Galileo Media Arts Albany video production studio!

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That’s not what I meant by ‘longer lens’… oh wait, yes it is!

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This extremely odd looking lens can do some pretty amazing things. The most obvious is its ability to fit where a normal lens cannot. This creates the effect that the camera is micro-sized and tracking past small objects. This dynamic effect is heightened by the snorkel lens’ ability to focus on subjects that are only millimeters away from the front piece of glass. Not to mention it looks totally bad-ass! The front barrel of the lens is also is waterproof and has a built-in LED light on the end making the creative possibilities endless!­

To really put our final shot over the top we then attached our Letus Helix 3 axis gimbal to our trusty Dana Dolly. The final shot that made it into the commercial not only pulled out but also rotated 180 degrees.

We’ve got more coming up  in our Working With Local Brands series. Want to see the latest in Galileo video production? Check out our Boston and Albany Instagram