Our Clients and Awards



John Wager and his entire crew at Galileo Media Arts provide an incredibly valuable mix of high-end production coupled with high-end service. They truly care not only about the work but about the process to get there and the relationships they build along the way. I’m truly looking forward to our next project together!

- Renee Bolz, VP, Director of Client Services, Holland-Mark in Boston

You might expect with a name like Galileo Media Arts that these folks would have a vision, and you’d be correct. What you might not assume is that they deliver flawlessly, that they provide that ever-rare gem of creative collaboration that makes you shine, and that they can do it all without making it a hassle. Some people might refer to them as true professionals. I prefer the notion of true assets. From the smallest single media project to the biggest multimedia production, Galileo Media Arts nails it.

- Guy Mastrion, Chief Global Creative Officer, Brandforming